Web Design


What do you envision for your next potential website project? Online photography gallery? E-commerce store? Perhaps a membership subscription type of website for your club or friends from childhood? For such content creation to become reality, you require a Content Management System (CMS). WHAT IS A Content Management System (CMS). A Content Management System (CMS) …

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One important aspect of a website is that of the domain. You may ask, what is a DOMAIN? Simply put, a DOMAIN is the name given to the address of your website. Consider this analogy to fully understand; if your house is the website, hence the DOMAIN is the address of your house (i.e. website …

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SEO optimisation

Finally after all the hustle and planning, you have your WEBSITE! So what next!? For your website to be visible to your potential clients and the rest of the web, you require a tool known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). According to Webopedia, SEO involves a process of improving the quality and quantity of web …

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Project Briefs…….

  Ever felt like you are not fully heard and understood by your clients and potential customers? Constantly changing designs without any clear direction of the project? What you need in this case is a project or design brief for your next PROJECT. A project brief or a design brief is important in establishing the …

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