Project Briefs…….


Ever felt like you are not fully heard and understood by your clients and potential customers?

Constantly changing designs without any clear direction of the project?

What you need in this case is a project or design brief for your next PROJECT.

A project brief or a design brief is important in establishing the requirements of the potential client towards a workable relationship between the client and the design agency in order to achieve a good outcome.

Intrasight Graphics prides itself through innovative means by dispatching project briefs in the form of interactive PDF documents.

This allows us to gather requirements from potential clients and supply clients with a better service.


Ranging from the type of colors required for a new logo or website, Intrasight Graphics ensures your requirements are met….and fulfilled.

Not only that, but this involves startup costs, project deadlines, project budgets to name but a few.

Hence, by ensuring that our project brief provides the potential clients a method to outline their requirements, this will be informative, detailed and bring the project to fruition and satisfying our clients.

Lastly, as an incentive to our potential clients these interactive PDF documents can be downloaded on the Portfolio page anytime.

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