Intrasight is two words, Intra – meaningĀ  within or inside and sight – meaning an instance of visual perception or the range of vision. we have the best designers who have more than 13 years of experience in design, who not only know how to design but are able to see within themselves to bring out the creativity and innovation that enables Intrasight Graphics to create an image that lingers for its clients, because at Intrasight Graphics we believe that when you have no image you have no influence.


Intrasight Graphics is a company wholly owned by Zimbabweans and it is a division of Basileia Holdings. It has been trading as an informal entity in Graphic Design and has grown over the years resulting in the formal registration of Basileia Holdings on the 14th of December 2012. We are experienced in Graphic and Web Design and print Media.


Creating an image that transcends through generations for our clients.


To be efficient in creating a popular opinion for our clients through innovation and creativity.


No image, No influence



We understand that time is of essence, so we always strive to meet our deadlines as set by our clients, thus providing a timely service.


our team is made up of A-class designers , who design to meet our clients needs. With us you are guaranteed to have your own unique design.


We do not just design but we develop and create images which speak for generations.


With such quality staff we do not disclose your projects to other clients thereby allowing you to have total ownership of your design.