One important aspect of a website is that of the domain.

You may ask, what is a DOMAIN?

Simply put, a DOMAIN is the name given to the address of your website.

Consider this analogy to fully understand; if your house is the website, hence the DOMAIN is the address of your house (i.e. website in this case)


Domains are represented in an alphanumerical format (i.e. www.halo2020!.com) as opposed to a string of long numbers as that of an IP address.


An important aspect to be considered is that of Domain Name System or DNS.

DNS represents an essential component of the internet as it is a naming system for the various computers and other services connected to the internet.

DNS allocates domain names to their respective entities which allows a request to be forwarded to a global network of servers from one’s computer.

For example, if your check our website’s domain name servers they are represented below as:


Such a domain name server is stored and managed by a web hosting company.

Simply put, once a user requests a website the information is forwarded to the name servers and then data is received back through one’s browser.

For more information on DNS, click on this link.


In the webspace, choosing a suitable domain name is challenging, but once you find one you’re good to go.

Here are some tips to choose the right domain name for your new website.

  • Short domain name and easy to remember
  • Limit use of numbers and other characters
  • Easy pronunciation of your domain name
  • Use of popular domain name extensions such as .com, .org to name but a few
  • Check if the domain name of your choice is not trade-marked or not
  • Use of a keyword reflecting your brand awareness for your website


1. Can a domain name be changed after purchasing it?

Unfortunately a domain name can’t be changed once purchased as it is a unique name which requires a yearly payment depending on your web host. Another alternative, is to register under another domain name.

2. Can a person purchase many domains at once?

Yes, it is possible. As many as you like and depending on your pockets!

3. What is a domain name system (or DNS)?

The domain name system is essentially a global addressing system. It represents the way that domain names are located and translated into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and vice versa. A domain name such as is a unique alias for an IP address (a number), which is an actual physical point on the Internet.

4. Can one sell a domain name?

Just like real estate or any other market you can think of, domain names are marketable and can be sold to many other people. Some common web hosting companies you can purchase your domains are GoDaddy, Myreseller Home to name but a few.

5. Do you still need web hosting when you already own a domain name?

It is not a necessary requirement for you to have web hosting, if you have a domain name already. However, if you now want to link your domain name to your website project that’s where it necessary to consider web hosting. Check out our web hosting plans on this link.

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