SEO optimisation

Finally after all the hustle and planning, you have your WEBSITE!

So what next!?

For your website to be visible to your potential clients and the rest of the web, you require a tool known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

According to Webopedia, SEO involves a process of improving the quality and quantity of web traffic as well as increasing web traffic to a particular website. It focuses not only on text content, but other media such as videos, images, news, maps to name just but a few.

This in order increases the visibility of the website to search engines when an individual queries a search for a particular website on the web.

With SEO your main focus is on looking towards what’s the best thing for your visitors.

As searches on the world web leads traffics towards your site, so should the optimization leveled on your website match with the queried searches as the visitors are the ultimate users of your site.


SEO‘s focus is on national or international searches

– SEO brings a competitive edge to your website and business activities

– Improves website speed

– Mobile user experience improvement of your website

– Ranking statistics on search engines

– Establishes brand awareness and credibility

– SEO is a primary source of leads

– Useful as a long term marketing strategy and to gain market share

– Increases followers on your social media


To increase the chances for your website to be ranked high on search engines, there is need to add a keyphrase (usually a single word that helps your pages or posts to be found on search engines) that are related to your content say; for a example, a automotive service shop website having a few keyphrases such as body repair, automotive, services and so on.

Not only that but including relevant keywords such as the title tag and description, image description (if your website is media based) will aid in your rankings, thereby leading to traffic to your website.

Updating content frequently on your websites is another way to improve your rankings as search engine algorithms will be directed to content related to keywords and phrase frequently queried by web users.

Cross linking is another method to improve rankings whereby the websites adopts linking internal hyperlinks within the same website (between posts or pages) or establishes a link with an external hyperlink (linking to your Facebook page from your website). This can likely lead to higher rankings in search engines.

In conclusion, in this post we have covered the benefits and features of SEO and improving your rankings on search engines. Engage with Intrasight Graphics today and watch your website improve in its rankings on search engines and ultimately lead traffic to your WEBSITE.

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