2020 has not been a great year, that’s a fact!

The global pandemic has been ravaging since its onset, claiming many lives but at the same time recoveries are occurring.

Even businesses have not been spared.

However despite the pandemic, service delivery should not stop!

SO WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH service delivery!?

You may ask, what does that have to do with service delivery!?

Service delivery is concerned with providing service access to existing and potential clients which include varying resources depending on the given sector.

For example through our IT services, we make sure we create efficient and dedicated online platforms to aid your business in providing essential services and communicating with clients who have restrictions in their movement from point A to point B due to Covid-19!

Not only that, Intrasight Graphics takes you through from the development to the deployment stage of your website project.

Thus the whole premise of service delivery is on providing quality, customer experience and value for the end users.

Continuous collaboration is key between corporations and clientele for the benefit of the following to both parties:

  • Solutions to common problems
  • Clear communication
  • Service definitions
  • Fosters a strong organisational and client culture
  • Automation of essential services

In conclusion, service delivery is essentially key now more than ever due to the prevailing pandemic.

Clients are restricted in their movement due to lockdown rules and adhering to WHO guidelines therefore making sure that we reach our clients wherever they areis not only important in preventing or lessening the spread of coronavirus but will ensure service delivery continuance.

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